Buy EDU GOV Backlinks

Buy EDU GOV Backlinks

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Get strong links from High PR EDU & GOV authority websites. These are not domains that you can register yourself.

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What would you do to get EDU & Gov links?

There is a popular belief that EDU & Gov links are the holy grail of search engine optimization. Are EDU & Gov links really that powerful and is it worth going to a lot of extra effort to get EDU & Gov links?

The theory is that Google assigns a lot of authority to websites of Government, colleges and other educational institutions and. We don’t think there is any question of whether a link from an authority site is better than a link from a non-authority site.

Due to the trustworthiness of .Edu & .Gov sites, Google ranks .Edu & .Gov backlinks 10x higher than traditional backlinks. This results in a unavoidable boost in your Google rankings leading to an increase in traffic to your website.

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose .Edu & .Gov Authority Backlinks?

There are many techniques involved in utilizing proper blog commenting method. The most difficult technique is blog commenting on .EDU or .GOV sites.

But, as you know, the harder the effort you need, the better the result will be. So, in short, here are top five reasons why you should buy .EDU & .GOV backlinks over other top-level-domain sites.

The first reason is because not every person can get .EDU & .GOV domains. Not any internet marketer has the right to claim these domains.

This special domain is only reserved for government, real academic or university official site. Therefore, you can see that there is not many .EDU & .GOV sites.

This rarity makes creating .EDU & .GOV backlinks becomes a difficult thing to do.

The second reason is because these domains have their own power of Page Rank. You can frequently encountered many .EDU & .GOV domains have high Page Rank. Sometimes it can be up to Page Rank 9!

How can this happen? This is very reasonable, because people who operate these domains are real people with high credibility. Many official sites and important sites also point back to .EDU & .GOV domains, therefore this makes these domains have high PR.

The consequence is, if you success planting backlinks on those high PR pages, then you will get more powerful SEO juice from them!

The third reason is because .EDU & .GOV have 10 times more power than usual .COM pages. Many SEO experts believe that an inbound link from .EDU & .GOV pages worth 10 times more than an inbound link from even high PR .COM pages.

These can be interpreted as you can have 10 times lesser amount of times, effort, and money to get equal SEO juice as from .COM pages.

The fourth reason is because Google sees these pages differently. Google never ban or penalty any these domains. Whether you see hundreds if not thousand outbound link from a .EDU & .GOV pages, Google will never consider this page as link farming.

Buy EDU GOV Backlinks – Buy High Authority EDU & GOV Backlinks

Google will still respect the .EDU & .GOV domains and will never annoy it. Therefore, these domains are safe haven to plant precious backlink.

The fifth and last reason of why you should choose .EDU & .GOV high authority backlinks is because on these sites, we are offering you a luxury of having many high quality and high PR .EDU and .GOV backlinks for your need.

Our price is cheap, and our turnaround time is fast. This is suitable for all of you internet marketer who has been very advanced in SEO business, or just started to make money online.

With those top five reasons of why you should choose .EDU & .GOV backlinks, we hope that you have better understanding about the power of .EDU & .GOV backlinks.

If you have any more question about this topic, feel free to write us a letter through our contact form. If you have confidence that these backlinks are all you need, than get hurry and place order for High Authority, High Quality, High Authority and High PR .EDU & .GOV Backlinks!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why would I want to Buy .Edu & .Gov Backlinks?

Buying .Edu & .Gov backlinks is one of the fastest, easiest and most effective ways of improving search engine rankings that far exceed normal link building. Due to nature of .Edu & .Gov websites and the difficulty of posting spam links on them, Google valuates links from these sites 10x higher than they value normal backlinks. The result is maximum linkbuidling results with minimal work.

What sites are you using to create .Edu & .Gov Backlinks?

We are creating forum profiles (.Edu & .Gov) also unique comments and posts with anchor text linking back to your website’s URL from a vast amount of high PR .Edu & .Gov websites. These backlinks will give you the most powerful search engine trust, visibility and link juice!

What is the completion time?

Our highly professional trained and dedicated team are working 24/7 to ensure you the fastest possible delivery. Thus our delivery takes 3 to 15 days.

What payment methods do you accept?

At this time, we only accept bitcoins as a payment method. We are looking into adding other payment methods in the near future.

What if I am not happy with my purchase?

Customer satisfaction is our primary concern. If you are not happy with your purchase, please contact us so we can work to come to a satisfactory resolution as soon as possible.