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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

FAQs about PVA Accounts

What is a PVA Account?

PVA is the abbreviation of the Phone Verified Account or Phone Number Verified Account. One could use either phrase since both refer to the same thing. The PVA Account is also the term to describe the phone verified status of the accounts on many different platforms such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

These platforms offer the freedom for their users to create PVA or Non-PVA. Non-PVA, as the names suggest, are used to refer to the accounts, which are not coming with the phone verification. Briefly, the Phone verified accounts in any platform tend to be safer and more reliable than the non-PVA.

How Do You Use these PVA?

PVA Accounts can be relevant to many things. You can use them for Creating Multiple Accounts in your favorite social media platform to help you with your viral content or marketing campaign. You can resell the PVA Accounts (buy and sell) if you prefer to or you could use them to help you with email marketing.

There are many scenarios wherein the existence of the PVA is pretty much important. And if you are an avid entrepreneur who wants to improve your brand awareness, the PVA Accounts can help you achieve your goals. Use the Multiple PVA Accounts to scale up your business or project.

How Do You Manage Multiple PVA?

Managing Multiple PVA Accounts has been a real challenge for everybody and if you have been around with internet marketing for a while. You know that dealing with such large data is a challenging move. However, when you order the PVA Accounts from us, you shouldn’t worry.

We are here to provide you with great tips about managing social media accounts. In each order, you make for PVA Accounts; HIGHQUALITYPVAS team member will document all of the accounts in the sheet that you can open on your laptop or PC. Our comprehensive reports will help you manage the Multiple PVA Accounts easily.

Can You Buy PVA Account?

The PVA accounts or Phone Verified Accounts are available on many websites. PVA accounts are the account that comes with the phone verified status (created with different quality ip addresses). The initial way to make the verification is by putting your personal number and verify it by text messaging or phone call.

If you are asking if you can buy the PVA Accounts instead of creating them all by yourself, then the answer is a big YES. You could order the PVA accounts from us or you could contact us by clicking here if you have any other inquiries.

FAQs about Our Services

What is Guarantee Period of these PVA?

If you are asking about the guarantee, we’d say a big YES, why not! Your satisfaction is indeed our primary concern. So, we want to make sure that everything is excellent after we deliver the accounts to you. At your part, we also want to make sure that you can use these PVA Accounts without any problem. If you notice that something does not work out, don’t hesitate to contact us to ask for a replacement. We provide a guarantee in every package. It is important to note that the time horizon of each package guarantee can be different. You will want to see the details on the shopping page.

What is Replacement Guarantee of these PVA?

If you are purchasing the PVA accounts, you will get a Replacement Guarantee, and Phone Verification Again guarantee. The time horizon of the guarantee can be different from one service to another. For instance, our PVA service comes with a 12 Hours Replacement Guarantee, and Phone Verification Again Guarantee. Make sure you read them first on our shopping page.

What if My PVA does not Work?

Depending on the type of the PVA Accounts you choose, there could be some mishaps of malfunctions. In some cases, you might not be able to login to your accounts. However, in other cases, the platform officials might get your accounts banned. If your PVA does not work, you don’t need to worry. Each of our packages comes with a free replacement guarantee.

When will My Accounts be Delivered?

The delivery time is around 01~72 hours, depending on the amount of the order and workload. The more accounts you order, the more time we need to create them all. However, you don’t need to worry. You must be receiving your PVA Accounts (like if you buy phone verified gmail, google voice etc.) at least a day after your order. We will also give you the updates and recent info so that you can easily track your order.

How Long will You be able to Use these PVA?

The short answer is FOREVER. As long as you are compliant with the platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gmail, etc.), the site won’t ban your accounts. The PVA is also safe and secure. In most cases, the PVA Accounts are more trustable than the Fresh Accounts with no phone verification status. So, it is sensible that you order PVA Accounts over the Non-PVA accounts. You don’t have to worry if your accounts don’t work. We have the replacement guarantee and phone verification again guarantee. You could use this opportunity to replace your accounts with the new ones.

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