People are searching for the best email service for their businesses and personal use. So, I have decided to write down a brief detail about “Gmail vs Outlook for Business” or “Outlook vs Gmail for Business” and review both of these at the same time.

Technology has changed our lives and made everything easy and comfortable. Nowadays, the whole world is like a small village due to advanced technology. Globalization made everything very smooth and comfy.

People use add ons, third party apps, and letters to share any information and communicate. Now there are many businesses class emailing systems with what people can convey important messages or any information and documents within few seconds.

This impressive emailing system is very appreciating and satisfying. Incorporate business class, business email address, and calendaring services are helpful for maintaining meetings, conferences, business billing cycle, etc.

Gmail vs Outlook for Business World

Gmail vs Outlook for BusinessMicrosoft and Google are both extremely huge technology corporations in the world. Both Outlook and Gmail have many features and benefits in the tech sector.

Outlook is a product of Microsoft, and it was launched in 1997. Gmail is a product of Google, which has been launched in 2004. Gmail and Outlook are competitive for a long time. Nowadays, there are several competitive of every business corporation.

Outlook is a product of Giant Microsoft Corporation, and over one billion people are using Outlook for their business email accounts purpose. This is because there are so many benefits to using and buy outlook accounts.

Google Gmail is the number one and a direct competitor to Outlook. Over 1.5 billion people are using Gmail email services for their personal and business email professionals.

Here we will discuss Gmail vs Outlook, and we will inform you whether you should use Gmail or Outlook or buy yahoo accounts in your organization and which one is better for you and your business organization as a business email. In addition, there are some comparisons of Gmail and Outlook services in terms of price, functions, storage, etc.

Gmail vs Microsoft Outlook Pricing

Gmail vs Microsoft Outlook PricingBefore using any product or service, people always think and consider the price level.

Therefore, people always look for business premium quality products and services with a fair and low budget price.

When price increases, demand decreases.

For that reason, most of the same technology corporations take products price comparatively under the limit to get more orders and attract a mass of people.

Here is the comparison of Gmail vs Outlook in terms of pricing.

Outlook Price:

In Outlook, there are three types of services. They have Basic, Standard, and Premium Plan.

Cost EmailFree
2.Outlook Desktop$139.99
3.Business Basic$5.00 user/month
4.Business Standard$12.50 user/month
5.Business Premium$20.00 user/month

In terms of price, Outlook’s basic plan is comparatively lower than that of Gmail offers. Nowadays, people are very cost-effective and always look for a low cost for better service.

Gmail Price

Gmail is a little more expensive than Outlook, but Gmail offers many extra services missing and ignored in Outlook. There are three plans which Gmail offer and the starter is a little bit expensive than Outlook, but the other two plans are lower than Outlook.

Sr.PlanCost EmailFree
2.Business Starter$6.00 user/month
3.Business Standard$12.00 user/month
4.Business Plus$18.00 user/month
5.EnterpriseYou Need to Contact sales for pricing.

So, Outlook can be cost-effective for personal use, but Gmail is efficient and cost-effective for the long business industry than Outlook.

Gmail vs Outlook Email Storage

Outlook Email Storage

Outlook provides 50 GB of storage for all three plans, including basic, standard, and Premium (business plan).

Sr.PlanMailbox Storage Email15 GB
2.Outlook Desktop50 GB
3.Business Basic50 GB
4.Business Standard50 GB
5.Business PremiumMaybe Unlimited Storage

Sometimes, 50 GB is not enough for a corporation and company, but this storage is perfect for personal use.

Gmail Email Storage

Google Gmail always provides a little bit expensive and low capability service than that of Outlook sharing system. However, in terms of standards, Gmail is very effective and low budget comparatively others like Outlook.

Sr.PlanMailbox Storage Email15 GB
2.Business Starter30 GB
3.Business StandardUnlimited
4.Business PlusUnlimited

Gmail provides 30 GB for the starter plan, and the rest of the two standard and plus plans have unlimited storage that is impressive and very engaging.

So, on the basics of storage, Gmail email service is good.

Gmail vs Outlook Cloud Storage

Outlook Storage:

Outlook provides 1 TB for every three plans, including Basic, Standard, and Premium. This feature is perfect for a basic plan comparatively at a low price.

Sr.PlanCloud Storage Email15 GB
2.Outlook Desktop1 TB
3.Business Basic1 TB
4.Business Standard1 TB
5.Business PremiumMaybe Unlimited

Outlook can be the best solution and choice if you buy for personal preferences because of its many great features.

Gmail Storage:

Gmail is a little bit expensive for a starter or personal using plan as other features are also limited than Outlook respectively.

Sr.PlanCloud Storage Email15 GB
2.Business Starter30 GB
3.Business Standard2 TB
4.Business Plus5 TB
5.EnterpriseMaybe Unlimited

Gmail provides only 30 GB of storage for the starter plan, which is not enough sometimes.

And the price is also higher than Outlook. But the standard and plus plans are superb with comparatively lower cost and higher service.

Gmail vs Outlook Cloud StorageGmail provides 2 TB cloud storage for the standard plan, and the price is $12, which is $12.5 in Outlook.

And the Premium Plus service is given 5 TB storage, where Outlook is providing only 1 TB. And the price is also lower than the outlook premium.

Both Gmail vs Outlook provides a free business email address, and interestingly, Google has some advantages in desktop versions of Google Apps with just a few clicks.

In every plan of released Gmail, they provide desktop versions of apps where Outlook is not providing desktop versions of apps on basic.

But they provide apps facilities on standard and premium versions. Outlook is not providing 24/7 service for the basic and standard plan. They only offer 24/7 service on Premium service plan.

Gmail provides a 24/7 service facility on all three plans, including starter, standard, and plus that is fantastic and very appreciating.

Gmail vs Outlook: Features

Though Gmail email and Outlook consist almost the same features, there are slight differences in long-term service and quality. Here additional features of Gmail and Outlook are given below:

Gmail Account Features

Modern Interface Unlimited Storage:

Modern InterfaceGoogle has changed the world with a new dimension of technology. Many new systems, techniques, and technology have been invented and given by Giant history Google Corporation. There are many modern interfaces in the Gmail email service.

For example, the email management system is very effective and saved lots of time. When a person wants to write something, Google offers and suggests the complete form of sentences, words, and search bar to search with a short time.

Gmail provides unlimited cloud storage in standard and premium plus service where a company or industry can store unlimited data and information for a long time.

In Gmail service, you can access without any internet connection that means Gmail keeps all your data and inputs safe through internet collapse. In addition, mobile apps facilities are available in Gmail, G Suite, and office apps (office suite) in all three plans.

Interestingly, you can send and request money via multiple email accounts, like keeping the bank in your pocket.

On Gmail, you can set future emails, reminders, use Google Drive, Google slides, manage email, recall an email, see and schedule them with your interest and choice. In addition, there is a built-in language translation technology for a better experience in the email client sector.

Google Workspace:

Google WorkspaceModern technology came with the hand of Google. Google launched their workspace where you can use this as like as Microsoft 365.

Moreover, you will get several extra new facilities which are not available on Microsoft.

This Google workspace is user-friendly and modern, where minimal customization options are here.

For example, on Google, you can use Google Docs instead of Microsoft word and sheets instead of Microsoft excel presentations instead of Microsoft PowerPoint (Presentation Program).

G Suite, Calendar, chat options are also available on Google workspace.

Interestingly, you can use Google hangout, website builder and engagement tools, Google Sheets, Google Drive, G Suite, and Google Docs, etc., and manage multiple email accounts.

Outlook Features

Outlook FeaturesMicrosoft is a giant leading technology corporation all over the world.

Microsoft is famous for its windows facility and perfect quality.

Outlook is a Microsoft free email services system that is used as an email client almost. However, in the basic plan, there are some shortcomings in Outlook’s Interface.

For example, the app facility is missing in the basic plan, and the 24/7 support facility is also missing. But, on the other hand, there is the facility of sharing and delegate calendars easily.

Microsoft 365:

Microsoft 365Microsoft is worldwide famous for its long-time best quality service for Microsoft Word, Microsoft office, excel, PowerPoint, office suite, and many other functions.

However, you cannot imagine how many people used to use Microsoft office, excel for their office work, personal preference use.

This Microsoft is very traditional software where you will get many customization option.

Moreover, you can use Skype, team management tools, MileIQ for mileage tracking, and many facilities on Microsoft 365.

Video Conferencing:

Video ConferencingDirectly you cannot make a video conferencing with Gmail and Outlook. However, there is a Google hangout system that is built for video meetings and hangouts.

Interestingly, you can add virtual background on Google hangout. Nowadays, most people are doing business email and office work from home due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Sometimes, it’s tough to maintain a smooth and perfect background at home. Some people fall into embarrassing moments due to the lousy background, which does not suit the meeting environment.

For that reason, Google hangout has improved the technology and made the virtual background which works very well. People can easily set virtual backgrounds from the built-in background.

On the other hand, Outlook has a Microsoft team, which is made for having a meeting, team meeting, etc.

There is an advantage of Outlook. And with the outlook team software, you can make both video conferencing. So, people can send a message while presenting and having meetings quickly, which instant messaging feature is missing on Gmail.


SecurityNowadays, most people are concerned about security. The world is developing with a new dimension of technology, but new hacking technology is being leaked.

For that reason, people always look for a highly secured system.

There are many confidential and secret information and data in a company and corporation that must keep them hidden.

Many competitors companies are looking for the shortcomings of other companies.

In security code system, two-step verification is a milestone for high security and personal satisfaction.

When Google first launched Gmail in the market, the two-step verification was the biggest advantage of Google, missing on the Outlook security system.

And day by day, this two-function authentication has become the prime security strategy. When a person uses this security system, his Gmail is powerful to hack.

There are two types of verification. One is calling, and the second one is sending via SMS. Then Outlook also launched two–factor authentication (2FA) to protect Outlook from hackers and spammers.

Spam Protection:

Spam ProtectionAt present, data is power. Most corporate companies are concerned about the security of their data and information.

So, the more you can give protection, the more your security Gmail system will become famous and trendy.

Both Microsoft Outlook or MSN Hotmail and Gmail provide several spam protection features.

They filter the necessary and unnecessary emails and block unnecessary and spam emails so that those malware emails cannot hamper your security system and computer.

Gmail vs Outlook: Pros and Cons

Gmail is a world-renowned email accounts service provider company. However, there are so many features and also some shortcomings. So when should a person or a company choose Gmail? This verdict can be done with some performance of Gmail.

Pros and Cons for Gmail Users


Gmail (Primary email account) has many updated tools and modern technology features. In addition, there are many intuitive collaboration and productivity tools and techniques like setup craigslist account etc.

Many users expect and want to buy month to a monthly basis for their short plan. Gmail mobile app and interfaces are straightforward to understand and users friendly.


Everything has some shortcomings and cons. For example, Gmail is a little bit expensive and high costly than any other service. In addition, Gmail does not support multiple addresses calendaring systems.

Pros and Cons of Outlook

Microsoft is a worldwide famous company. And Microsoft always provides quality products and other business services, including office suite. That’s why people have a strong belief in Microsoft. However, there are some pros and cons of the Outlook service.


People always look for some affordable and low-budget price. Nowadays, people are very cost-effective. Therefore, the entry-level plan is very interesting and affordable, and the cost of Choose Outlook is very lower than that of a Gmail email account.

In the premium plan, built-in appointment booking tools are available. In addition, the inbox and calendaring systems are very impressive.


The time-saving productivity tools are few, and the Gmail service is more effective than Outlook. There is no monthly basis service system on Outlook. Many clients always look for monthly basis service.

The most significant disadvantage of Outlook is the file storage. Outlook offers the same online storage in basic, standard, and a premium plan that is disappointing to the premium email clients. Outlook storage plan is comparatively lower and underrated than Gmail service.

Hence, Outlook vs Gmail or Gmail vs Outlook is a very favorite topic, and both of these are very famous email providers companies. And both outlook and Gmail email account have many facilities and also some shortcomings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gmail or Outlook better for business?

Is Gmail or Outlook better for business?Gmail and Outlook have excellent features for business and are both perfect email providers.

However, to better understand and choose a winner between Gmail and Outlook, you need to read our complete review.

After reading this review, you will have the answer to this question.

Is it better to use Outlook or Gmail?

Is it better to use Outlook or Gmail?Maybe, you need to use both Gmail and Outlook to pick up the winner.

Because these both have perfect features like security, spam protection, cloud storage, email storage, video conference, and many more.

Or you need to read this post for the correct answer.

Why do companies use Outlook instead of Gmail?

Why do companies use Outlook instead of Gmail?The answer is straightforward, companies are always looking for top features, and Outlook provides more and best quality features for business.

For example, Microsoft 365 has Word, office, excel, PowerPoint, and many other features and functions.

That’s why companies are using Outlook instead of Gmail.

Which email account is best for business?

Which email account is best for business?Here are few best email accounts providers.