ProtonMail Vs Gmail

ProtonMail vs Gmail for Business

Gmail is amazingly popular and offers a great deal of security, but Proton Mail provides much more. For example, no one can deliver your messages to you and your desired recipient through end-to-end encryption, not even those working on Proton Mail.

Gmail by Google Review

Gmail (pronounced Gmail) is a free web-based email service that allows users to store a gigabyte of messages and search for specific messages. Buy forwarded gmail accounts program also automatically manages related messages for discussion.

Gmail works just like many other email service providers, and people can send and receive emails, make an address book, block spam, and perform additional necessary email tasks are.

But it also has some popular features that make it one of the unique online email services.

ProtonMail by CERN and MIT Review

ProtonMail is safer than Gmail because it provides E2EE by encrypting messages on a sender’s device, and only the recipients on their device can decrypt. Nowhere in between, so you don’t have to worry about NSA stealing your ProtonMail emails.

Proton-Mail isn’t Your Ordinary Email Service

It has many features and security modes like self-destruct emails, two-factor authentication, and much more. And that’s why today, we will go through some of its valuable features and ways to make the best use of this service in general.

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A Great thing about Proton-Mail

Don’t they make money by scanning your emails to sell targeted ads, unlike many other email services? Instead, they offer free and premium plans, which do not specify features, but whether you are on a free plan, plus, professional, or even a vision plan, you get the most out of your account and want to pick up.

If you’re on Proton-Mail’s Free Plan

You’ll be able to send 150 emails daily, and if you pay for a Premium plan, that number goes up to unlimited.

ProtonMail Specific Features

First, if you don’t want your emails hanging around in the recipient’s inbox, send yourself a self-destructive email? Your self-destructing email will be automatically deleted when deleted from the recipient’s inbox after it has expired.

Just click on the Hourglass button to set your email expiration time. This can range from one hour to five weeks. And, the second feature I want to show you are:

How to Encrypt Emails Sent to Non-ProtonMail Recipients?

Then you need to do is click on the lock.

Next, you’ll need to set a password that only you and the email recipient know. You even have the power to point them out. I have also found the self-destructive email and encryption features that are easy to use on the Proton-Mail mobile app.

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