Top 10 Gmail Features You Should be Aware of

We’re releasing big enhancements today to help the over 4 million paying businesses who use G Suite work safer, smarter, and more efficiently. This includes a completely redesigned Gmail with a fresh new web interface, advanced security features, new applications of Google’s artificial intelligence, and even more interactions with other G Suite apps.

Top 10 Gmail Features You Should be Aware of

We’re also introducing Tasks, a new method to manage work on the go. There’s a lot to discover with this makeover, so let’s go through some of the most significant Gmail features to keep an eye out for:

1. Email Organization Depending on Hover

The first thing you’re likely to notice when you navigate through your inbox is the flash of icons that displays anytime you highlight a line in your inbox. You’re probably already aware of these icons, but in case you aren’t, they are Archive, Delete, Mark as (Read/Unread, depending on the current status of the email), and Snooze, from left to right (more on Snooze later).

2. Gmail Snooze Feature

Snooze was mentioned in the previous paragraph since it displays as an in-line option for any email in your inbox. When you click Snooze, you’ll be given the opportunity to postpone receiving the email to a later date; Google will suggest several times for you, or you can choose your own date and time.

When you select a day and time, Google will remove the email from your Inbox and resend it to you at that time and date. If you’re concerned about losing information in the meantime (for example, if you decide to act on the email sooner), don’t worry: you can retrieve all of your Snoozed emails at any moment by clicking Snoozed in the left column. You can even check when time each email is scheduled to arrive!

3. Suggestions for Responses

Do you ever get stuck on what to say in response to an incoming email? Or do you find yourself saying the same things over and over? Gmail’s new “recommended replies” feature could be excellent for you.

4. Gmail Nudges Feature

If you haven’t answered an email in a few days and Google’s algorithm believes it deserves a response, it may rise to the top of your inbox, along with a quick reminder to reply or follow up on the message. It’s a useful new type of Gmail reminder that many users will like.

How to Turn Off Gmail Nudges?

You can disable Nudges if you find them to be more annoying than helpful. Simply go to Settings and look for Nudges under the General tab; you can even toggle on/off emails to “respond to” and “follow up on” separately.

5. Increased Display Density

In buy phone verified gmail accounts, you could vary the display density of your Inbox, but the new Gmail offers new styles that may change your basic choice. When you go to Settings, one of the first settings you’ll notice is “Display density.”

6. The Menu can be Expanded or Collapsed

By default, the menu on the left looks similar to how it did in the old Gmail. However, if you click the hamburger menu symbol in the upper-left corner, it will immediately collapse to a narrow column of icons, giving you more room to see your Inbox emails.

By lingering over these icons, you may see the whole menu, or you can permanently restore the old menu by clicking the three horizontal lines at the top once more.

7. Connect Your Google Calendar

You’ll notice numerous new icons on the right side of the screen, each representing a different new tool to help you be more productive. There is a calendar icon at the top that you may use to interact with Google Calendar. When enabled, you can instantly browse all of your scheduled events alongside your Inbox and add new events at any time.

8. Gmail Keep Feature

Next on the list is a Google Keep icon, which allows you to take notes and organize your list of notes more efficiently. You may add new notes from any device and view them all in a single, centrally organized list.

9. Gmail Tasks Feature

I believe that “Tasks” were the most criminally underappreciated feature of the old Gmail; many people didn’t even realize that you could construct task lists within Gmail based on incoming emails or external duties, then tick off as you completed them. You can now start and organize them even more easily.

10. Include Contact Information in the Body Text

Have you ever wanted to add a recipient to an email without leaving the body of the message? You can now. Simply type “+” followed by the name or email address of your contact, and Gmail will provide a list of alternatives for you to add (similar to tagging people on social media).