Benefits of Buying a Google Voice Number

Google Voice by Google is a virtual telephone service with numerous advantages for personal and business use. For businesses, Google Voice can assist in establishing a branding and professional business image. For personal use, Google Voice offers anonymity, security, and privacy, separate work and personal life.

What is a Google Voice Number, and how does it work?

A Google Voice Number is a virtual phone area code number that allows you to receive and make calls and text messages from any software device with an internet connection, such as a tablet, smartphone, or computer (PC/Laptop). When you sign up for Google Voice, you are assigned a unique phone number with your favorite area code that you can use for all your online business communications.

Google Voice uses any internet service to transmit texts and calls, slightly more than relying on a traditional phone line. You can use your Google Voice Number from any device if you have the application installed or are logged into your Google Voice account on that desktop.

Top Benefits of Buying a Google Voice Number

Here are some of the top benefits of buying a Google Voice Number:

Enhanced Privacy and Security

You can keep your personal phone number personal and use a separate number for business or other purposes. This lets you guard your identity and avoid unwanted spam messages and calls.

Multiple Phone Numbers with One Account

With a single Google Voice account, you can separate phone numbers for home, family, work, and other purposes, managed from end to end. This makes it easy to stay in touch with colleagues and clients and keep your communications organized too.

Custom Voicemail Greetings and Transcription

Google Voice offers transcription and customizable voicemail greetings, allowing you to create a professional branding image and respond to text messages more efficiently.

Call Screening and Blocking

You can screen calls and block unwanted spam callers, making it simple and easy to control your conveying and telemarketing calls and avoid spam.

Low International Calling Rates

Google Voice offers low-cost international calling rates, making it easy to stay in touch with family and friends overseas.

Easy Call Forwarding and Routing

Google Voice makes it easy to forward calls to multiple phones simultaneously, so you can remain connected even when on the go.

Integration with Other Google Services

Google number integrates seamlessly with other services like Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Meet.

Affordable and Flexible Plans

Google Voice offers affordable and flexible plans for individuals and businesses, with:

  • Low-cost options
  • Pay-as-you-go plans
  • Integration with other Google services
  • Advanced features for business use
  • And Customizable plans to fit your needs.

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Benefits of Google Voice Number for Business Use

Google Voice is a powerful tool for professionals and businesses looking to manage their telemarketing effectively. Here are some key benefits of using Google Voice for business:

  1. Professional Image and Branding
  2. Local and Toll-Free Numbers
  3. Call Routing and Forwarding
  4. Conference Calls and Recording
  5. Automated Attendant and IVR
  6. SMS Marketing and Notifications
  7. Team Collaboration and Mobility
  8. Cost Savings and Efficiency

Benefits of Google Voice Number for Personal Use

Google Voice is a valuable tool and software for individual use, providing several benefits. Here are some key benefits of using Google Voice for personal use:

  1. Privacy and Anonymity
  2. Separate Work and Personal Life
  3. International Travel and Calling
  4. Customizable Caller ID and Ringtone
  5. Call Recording and History
  6. Parental Control and Monitoring
  7. Free Texting and Voicemail

Google Voice Number vs. Other Virtual Phone Services

Virtual phone services have become progressively more popular in recent years, providing businesses and individuals with a cost-effective and flexible alternative to traditional phone services. While other virtual phone services are available, Google Voice stands out in numerous ways. Here’s how Google Voice compares to other virtual phone services:

Google Voice Number vs. Skype, WhatsApp, and Other VoIP Services

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, such as WhatsApp and Skype, provide individuals and businesses with a cost-effective alternative to traditional phone services. While these VOIP services share some similarities with Google Voice, several key differences exist.

  • Number ownership
  • Integration
  • Calling options
  • Pricing
  • Accessibility

Depending on your requirements and country location, one service may better fit the others.

Google Voice Number vs. Burner, Hushed, and other Temporary Phone Number Services

Temporary phone number services, such as Hushed and Burner, offer users a disposable phone number that can be used for a short period. These services have become increasingly popular for users who want to maintain anonymity, protect privacy, or avoid spam calls.

Google Voice, on the other hand, is a VOIP (virtual phone number service) that provides users with a long-term cloud-based number that can be used for many purposes. While temporary or disposable phone numbers services like Burner and Hushed provide few related features to Google Voice, they vary in conditions of integration, cost, number ownership, calling options, and long-term use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the costs associated with buying a Google Voice Number?

HIGHQUALITYPVAS provides Google Voice Numbers at very low. Generally, a new account price is between $2 to $5, and old accounts are $5 to $10.

Can I keep my phone number when switching to Google Voice Number?

When switching to a Google number, you can select a new one or port your existing one to Google Voice. Porting your existing telephone number to Google Voice requires a one-time fee of 20 dollars and may take a few hours to days to complete. However, it’s imperative to note that you must have a landline phone number or active mobile to port to Google Voice.

How do I set up call forwarding and routing with Google Voice Number?

Setting up call forwarding and routing with a Google number is a straightforward procedure:
1. Sign in to your Google Voice account
2. Click on the settings icon
3. Click on “Calls” and then “Forward calls to.”
4. Enter the phone number to which you want to forward calls and click “Add.”

You can also set up call routing rules to modify how incoming calls are switched. For example, you can set rules to send calls to voicemail during certain hours or drive calls from specific numbers to a particular phone.

To set up call routing rules:
1. Click on “Calls” and then “Advanced Call Routing.”
2. From there, you can change routing rules to fit your specific desires.

Once you’ve set up call routing and forwarding, you can be sure never to miss an important call again, with no issue where you are.

What are the best practices for using Google Voice Number for business?

Below are a few tops follow for using a Google Voice number for business purposes:

1. Keep your personal and business contacts separate
2. Record a professional voicemail greeting
3. Call screening
4. Customize your call routing rules
5. Use the Google Voice app

How does Google Voice Number ensure privacy and security?

Google Voice Virtual Phone Number ensures security and privacy protection through different features, such as:

1. Password protection
2. Call screening
3. Number blocking
4. Anonymous calling
5. 2FA (Two-factor authentication)

Are there any limitations or restrictions on using Google Voice Number?

Yes, there are some restrictions and limitations on using Google Voice, including:

1. Geographic availability
2. Number porting
3. No emergency calling services (No 911 service)
4. Call quality
5. Limited international calling
6. Limited SMS capabilities


With its ease of use, cost-effectiveness, privacy, and security features, a Google Voice Number can be a valuable addition to your online communication toolkit.