How to Fix Google Voice Not Ringing Problem?

One of the leading telephone (VOIP) technologies available is Google Voice. It completely exceeds all of its rivals in various regards. Voice conversations often provide a far better experience, with clarity and good signal strength as a baseline.

The majority of you should have had no trouble using Google Voice numbers. Nevertheless, there is always a potential that something will go wrong sometimes. It appears that being unable to make phone calls is the most frequent problem. We’ve set out to assist you in permanently resolving the issue.

In recent years, particularly the last year or two, Google Voice has increasingly replaced other voice license/services as the default option for many online businesses. Given how big a firm Google is, it makes sense that they would outfit improved communication methods with cutting-edge data centers.

What Causes Google Voice Calls Not Ringing?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of potential causes for the google voice doesn’t ring problem. As a result, our troubleshooting tips/guide will need to be a little more comprehensive than we usually aim for.

By the time you get through the rest of these ideas, it also means that we have an excellent probability of solving the issue. So let’s get started straight now without further ado!

Check Notification Settings

Starting with the Google Voice account, check the alert type for the google voice app to determine if they are ringing. If not, there is typically a rather obvious explanation for why it could occur. By looking at the warnings for each app separately, it may be quickly fixed.

It’s not difficult to miss a phone number call. Ensuring all incoming calls notifications are configured to ring is the best course of action. Several choices are available here, including lighting, vibration, and no notice. This ought to solve the issue for a lot of folks.

Check the Volume on Your Device

The primary volume control on your cell phone, PC, or gadget should be the first thing you check. This will need to be adjusted until it is near or near the maximum setting. Some electronics come equipped with a specific mute button. Before moving on to the next step of this troubleshooting tutorial, ensure that this is always in the off position.

Verify that Your Speakers are in Good Working Condition

You won’t be able to get notifications from voice-controlled applications or games if your speakers aren’t functioning. Play some music or a movie to see if it comes through the soundproof speaker to determine if they are functioning.

Check the Do Not Disturb Mode

You’ve successfully access Google Voice. So why don’t you receive a notification when receiving calls or SMS/Text messages are waiting for you? Check the app’s settings to determine whether the “Do not disturb mode” option is enabled (and turn it back off if so).

Whether not, check your google voice settings “Calls” section to determine if you mistakenly disabled call answering on your iPhone, Android device, or web browser.

Check to See if any Other Calling Applications are Functional

Before attempting any out-of-the-box fixes, make sure your other voice-calling applications are functional. In either scenario, the remedies provided above will assist you.

How to Fix Google Voice Not Ringing?

Let’s discuss what to do if all of your other voice applications usually function. We only now have two solutions in this situation. Both are straightforward and likely to produce outcomes.

Consider Upgrading the App

As soon as possible, upgrade the voice apk if you are still on an earlier version or if a new update is available. Update it right away if a newer version becomes available, and everything should function properly moving forward.

Change the Permission and Alerts You Get

To begin with, make sure that the voice app is set up to notify you through push notifications whenever a call comes in. After that, you must check to see if your android phone ring has granted Google Voice calls permission to notify you when a single or conference call is incoming.

Make App/Browser Tab Active

Google Voice and Google Accounts will still quickly mute audio/microphone when you stop using the platform for a bit, even if you’re simply on the next tab over, even if all your browser settings are fine! The only solution is to re-open the tab and click about for around 10 seconds.

Google Voice will not consistently function in the background for receiving/outgoing calls. When you’re entirely focused on duties that aren’t related to your business phone app during hectic workdays, you can forget to log in and miss many calls.

Modify Ringtone

  • In Google Voice, here’s how to modify a ringtone:
  • Launch the Google Voice application.
  • Tap Menu app Settings in the upper/top left corner.
  • Tap Incoming call notifications Sound under Calls.
  • Examine the available ringtones.
  • Tap a ringtone to hear it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn’t my Google Voice ring?

To begin, switch on the “Do not disturb” toggle in your Google Voice settings. Next, ensure all phone functions are activated in your app settings “Calls” section. Tap about in the “Calls” section for 10 seconds to ensure everything is working properly.

Finally, double-check that you’re signed into Google Voice (login with correct country ip) and that all phone choices under “Calls” are enabled by toggling each option.

Can Google Voice Ring Two Different Phones?

Does the Google Voice number ring both phones when someone receive calls? Yes. Both inbound Google Voice phone numbers are handled equally. Both numbers’ incoming calls and texts will ring the same phones and land in the same folders (Calls, Messages, and Spam) as if you had only one number.

Why is my Google Voice not Working on my iPhone?

Verify that your Google Voice number appears at the top of the page. Otherwise, you’re logged into the incorrect Google account. If you can see your phone number, go down to “Calls”->”My devices” and turn off the switch next to “Answer calls on iPhone.,” then switch it back on (green).

Check your mobile device notification settings. Check for third-party or call-blocking voice apps that could interfere with Google Voice. Check Google assistant or your phone caller ID and spam protection settings.


The phone numbers service you can add to your Google Workspace package is Google Voice. You are allowing voice calls over Gmail and the Voice number website from your web browser.

However, suppose your web browser’s settings are incorrect. In that case, you can receive the following message: “The ability of your browser to block caller ringing for incoming calls modify your browser’s settings to enable sound playback from” Fortunately, the cure is relatively easy if you know where to go in your browser settings. Seeing the notice, you must take the following actions:

  • Copy chrome:/settings/content/sound into your URL bar in Chrome and hit enter to activate it.
  • Click Add on the page under the heading Allowed to play sound.
  • Enter in the Site box, then click Add.
  • Click Add once more under Allowed to play sound.
  • Enter in the Site box, then click Add.
  • Right now, you can dismiss this window.
  • Reload each website using mobile data, then go back to Gmail and Google Voice. There will be no more error messages.

Now that Google Voice is functioning correctly (voice typing, voice match, voice search and conference call etc.), your browser will ring when someone reaches you, and you will complete your call.