Google Voice vs Grasshopper

If you maintain a private venture or a more current organization or company, the odds are that before. You fundamentally depended on your phone number for business marketing. On the other hand, you may have had a particular office number that customers could call. We will compare both services Google Voice vs Grasshopper, in this article.

Presently, you need to a greater extent, a budget robustness business telephone framework (toll-free number), and you need to have the option to settle on and make decisions over the Internet. Having a virtual organizations cell phone number doesn’t merely make your organization look more settled for video conferencing. It additionally offers more noteworthy adaptability for representatives and customers.

Google Voice vs Grasshopper


Google Voice and Grasshopper are Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone administrations for online business sales that can be gotten on the web and utilized as an option compared to the standard landline.


Both toll-free numbers services are comparable regarding what they have to bring to the table for massive and small organizations. However, Google Voice and Grasshopper vary regarding their estimating, features, and the degree of help organizations can expect when issues emerge.


These are significant receptionist contrasts to comprehend, and we’ll Compare Google Voice and Grasshopper, which will help you settle on an educated IVR (Interactive Voice Response) decision about which VoIP calling Communication Protocol (SIP -Session Initiation Protocol) stage will turn out best for your business and customer service options.

About Google Voice

Google Voice PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) has a free of cost and paid form for customer privacy and ported numbers administration, just as personal and business data analysis modes.


Google Voice offers various Internet Protocol techniques of call management, and conferencing (virtual meetings) to capitalize on its users administrations. Google voice app offers automated attendants, call blocking, call forwarding, video conferencing, and call screening telecommunications, which numerous organizations find helpful like other Google’s services Gmail, G Suite, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Hangouts, Google Meet, Google Chrome, Google Drive and Google Talk.

Open Availability

All Google Voice intuitive navigation administrations are available through desktop and mobile applications on both iOS gadgets and Android without paying any cost (also in App Store for Smartphones, Softphone, Apple iPhones and browser extensions for web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera etc.).


Superior to google voice productivity software is the unified communications choice of voicemail transcript, call recording and Voice Analytics with the goal that clients can return to calls and not overlook anything like Nextiva.


This is extraordinary for client care and securities, as real-time phone call chronicles can be naturally added to client records overseen inside Google’s Workspace Suite with area codes.

Pricing Plans

For a business account with Google Voice, analog telephone adapter administrations are charged month to month and come in three evaluating plans:

  1. Starter ($10 per user/per month – Cloud)
  2. Standard ($20 per user/per month – Cloud)
  3. Premier ($30 per user/per month – Cloud)

Some of Google Voice Top Features include:

  • Auto-attendant
  • Voice review logs
  • SMS
  • MMS
  • Visual Voicemail record
  • Video conferencing (online meeting)
  • Audio conferencing
  • Ringback Tone
  • Business phone numbers
  • Desk phone support
  • Incoming call control cloud-based technology
  • Spam channel
  • Number porting
  • Push notifications
  • Busy signal option
  • Callback Option
  • Automated caller ID specialist
  • Personalized voicemail greeting

and lots more.

About Grasshopper

Technical Support

Their technical support arrangements can be charged month to month or every year, and all accompany similar features and options, for example desktop mobile applications, Email filtering, Voice Mail transcription mailbox records, business messaging, customer relationship management (CRM), texting, toll-free video conferencing, and call forwarding in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom and all over the world.

Customer support

Email address, Skype, online chat, Facebook, Twitter, virtual receptionist, community forum and phone.

Some of Grasshopper’s Top Features include:

Grasshopper offers:

  • Auto-attendant
  • Voice message transfer
  • Call-blocking customer experience
  • Call forwarding
  • Business messaging
  • Telephone number expansions (toll-free number)
  • Incoming call control (call transfer, call forwarding, blocking, and so on)
  • Automated specialist and Ruby virtual assistant
  • Custom greetings data warehouse
  • Virtual Linux fax
  • Voice message record Information
  • Wi-Fi calling
  • Call reports and investigation

and many more.

Pricing Plans

Like the Google Voice web portal, Grasshopper likewise offers three distinctive Equity valuing plans:

  1. Solo ($29 per month, One Number and Three Extensions)
  2. Partner ($49 per month, Three Numbers and Six Extensions)
  3. Small Business ($89 per month, Five Numbers and Unlimited Extensions)

Difference between Google Voice and Grasshopper

Google Voice is free of charge consultant; they additionally provide visual voicemail transcription and routing options. However, the debate is whether Grasshopper cannot record the call Information by itself.

VOIP Services

Notwithstanding offering an assortment of virtual phone numbers, Grasshopper’s VoIP calling (voice-over internet protocol) arrangement and vanity numbers have various norms, customer service and extra broadband connection features.

Comparison of Google Voice and Grasshopper

Both Google Voice and Grasshopper are incredible ease of use user interface and telephone PBX (Private Branch Exchange) administrations to supplant conventional desktop computer landlines and provide 24/7 customer support service.

Google voice is extraordinary for users, and Freelancer individuals who need Copywriting free expansions and for budget friendly private ventures for digital marketing. Google Voice USA Internet forum offers similar experience, features and customer service for individuals, private companies, and huge organizations. It is more adaptable with the help of onboarding, straightforward, and simple to utilize, all remembered for its moderate bundle bargains online.


With everything taken into account, Google Voice tool is incredible for clients who need something knowledge base adjustable, straightforward, and dependable, and it’s the arrangement we suggest.