Google Voice vs Vonage

Google Voice vs Vonage: Which One is Best?

What is Vonage?

Vonage is one of the world’s biggest suppliers of Voice-over-IP, bringing over broadband gadgets with millions of users worldwide. Vonage markets its telephone framework as portable, data analytics are simple to utilize, and have advanced highlights.

Vonage Benefits

  1. The administration works comparatively to the PSTN (public exchanged phone organization).
  2. When an individual or business pursues Vonage, they get a simple phone connector that associates their telephone either to a PC or organization gadget.
  3. Users can settle on decisions over the Internet utilizing their landline telephones.
  4. Users can port over their telephone numbers to Vonage equivalent to any telephone organization with analog telephone adapter.
  5. Most users need a wired, high-speed network connection for Vonage to work dependably.

What is Google Voice?

Not at all like Vonage landline phones, Google isn’t a telephone organization. Be that as it may, Google Voice phone numbers offers a progression of cellphone call management features intended to give users more command over when individuals can contact them almost free of cost.

Google Voice Benefits

Google Voice app can advance calls from a solitary number to six distinctive telephone lines, such as home, office, business, and cellphone. Google voice VoIP phone user can likewise tune in to voicemail messages on the Google Voice Web interface or have their voice messages deciphered and shipped off as Gmail email or instant message connections utilizing the speech to text innovation.


The telecommunication administration also offers other Google Meet, Google Chat, call management and caller IDs perks, including customized voice message greetings, conference calls, call blocking, spam prevention, call forwarding, file-sharing, live chat like Whatsapp, Video conferencing, area codes, toll-free numbers, voice chat and call screening.


Google Voice by Google users can settle on global money decisions either from the Google Voice Web interface or by getting to the Google Voice telephone framework by first calling their Google number from a receptionist landline or cellphone, at that price tag point dialing the international number with eavesdropping, RTP and TLS encryption.

Features Comparison

Google Voice Features

Google Voice’s call management bespoke incorporates call blocking, 2FA authentication, and call screening, call forwarding, Ease of Use interface, and conference calling. You can compliance and advance calls from a solitary number to six distinctive network adapter telephone lines, including PCs, individual telephones, and work telephones without any downtime.


This is a helpful business telephone systems tool for entrepreneurs to remain educated on all approaching calls, paying little attention to where they are. It’s incredible research when utilized in mix with G Suite for Real Estate Agents and Contact Center. Notwithstanding its call management scalability benefits, Google Voice’s AI framework channels spam calls and send voicemail records to your cloud storage email like Microsoft.

The UX

This CRMs component permits you to deal with voicemails UX like messages you can uncertainty look through records by catchphrases, save and forward them to partners, and react to voicemail directly from inside in Helpdesk. This is a valuable communication component to organize customer calls, and Chat regardless of whether you are away from the workplace, and having the HubSpot option to rapidly get up to speed with the entirety of information messages or chatting in a single spot following a meeting or a free day.

Vonage Features

Vonage empowers there users with over twenty features and infrastructure, including E-fax, Single sign-on unlimited calling, MMS, SMS in the U.S., U.K. and Canada, an App Store mobile application (Android and iOS), softphone, smartphone, iPhone, and a web application.

Residential Landline

Like Google Voice and alternatives, Vonage landlines supplies users with a staggered network device auto orderly. This mechanized desk framework works like your virtual assistant.


From coordinating callers Workspace, giving business data, to directing calls during mid-day breaks like in Skype, the auto software specialist is useful for little unified communications undertakings, and it’s a real selling point and customer satisfaction for Vonage.

Comparison and the Ultimate Guide to Choosing Between Google Voice and Vonage

Since Google Voice cellphone is fueled by one of the most prominent tech network and organization, dependability should not worry about web organizations uptime and utilizing Google voice Internet forum.

The Quality of Service

Google Voice gives excellent Quality of Service, and calls paying little mind and knowledge base to what computer gadget you use with a data breach protection.

Onboarding and Framework

Google Voice telephone service invests heavily in its robust cellphones framework accessibility, administration level onboarding and understanding, security, and day in and day out help to its clients.

Live Customer Service

While live customer service is accessible, Google Voice depends vigorously on Google Voice Assistance, an intuitive password protected discussion usually utilized for investigating. Dependable customer care and customer support is necessary for consumers and organizations that depend on framework accessibility to address customer issues.


It’s one of the main worries for organizations considering changing the Menus from conventional business telephone administration to VoIP (Voice-over Internet Protocol). Google Voice offers extraordinary dependability and uphold, and if this is your main worry with changing to VoIP Technology, Google Voice phone number is the right choice for you.