How to Create Google Voice Accounts?

Google Voice is one of the most popular communication tools for entrepreneurs and individuals because of the right reason. It is free of cost phone service to give you a specific phone number that you can forward to your landline or cell phone. The practice will help you to distinguish the professional and personal calls.

Getting a Google Voice number will be the one-time thing to do since it is what you will use to interact with your customers or recipients. To get an official Google Voice number, you need to register, pick the number, set it up for your device. That’s all! Without further ado, let’s take a look at these steps. (Repeat the same process for creating bulk google voice accounts).

How to Create Google Voice Accounts?

Step 1: Fill the Form

If you don’t have a Google account yet, you need to register for an account. This will grant you all of the fantastic products of Google. It does not cost you a single dime to sign up for the account. Follow the steps given by the provider, and you will be fine.

Fill in the form with accurate information. You may need to choose your email address and verify your account with your real phone number. If you are using Google Voice for business or professional purposes, make sure to create the best to represent your business.

Once you’ve finished, you need to log in with your freshly made Google account credentials.

Step 2: Activate the Location

  • Type Google Voice in your Chrome, and click the official link.
  • You will be required to enter a three-digit area code.
  • If you activate the location on your device, it will automatically use your location.
  • Grant the permission when you use this app.
  • If you don’t activate the location, you could provide Google with your area’s right code.
  • Some of the codes might not be there.
  • If that’s the case, you could use the codes from the cities nearby your location.

Step 3: Choose Google Voice Number

  • This is where you will want to pick your specific Google Voice phone number.
  • Google will display a series of local numbers that you can choose.
  • Take your time and don’t rush since you will use these phone numbers for a long time in the future.
  • Choose the one that catches your consideration the most.
  • If you think that the particular number is appropriate for your business, you could proceed.
  • The business phone number should be the best to represent your business.

Step 4: Link Your Google Voice Number

  • Link GV to your existing phone number.
  • Keep in mind that the GV numbers that you attained will work as the forwarders.
  • So, you need to enter your existing phone number to complete the number retrieval.
  • The phone number must be based in the US.
  • There will be a verification step to conduct to finalize the process.

Step 5: Done!

  • After the verification process is done, you can use Google Voice immediately.
  • You can get the app for your iOS or Android devices.
  • Choose the app, download, and install.
  • Enter your Google credentials to log in.
  • Then you could use the Google Voice phone numbers and share them with your customers, business partners, and clients.

How to Text from Google Voice?

How to Text from Google Voice?

Is it possible to send SMS from your Google Voice account? You have probably asked this sort of question. And the answer is YES! You can do it for free! Google Voice is a free communication service from Google that centralizes the user’s means of communications in a single faucet for those who haven’t known.

Through Google Voice, you can send a free text message to the other one as long as you know their Google Voice Number. Your receiver will not pay anything for the message that they receive from Google Voice number.

If you are going to send SMS to someone from your Google contact list, you can also rest assured that it will be free as well. As a Google Voice Account user, you won’t be charged for sending a text to US and Canadian numbers.

If you are sending a text to other countries, you might be charged for roaming.

Sending SMS to Google Voice Number (from your smartphone or tablet)

Sending SMS to Google Voice number is straightforward as you usually do in sending the text to another number. If you already know your recipient’s Google Voice number, you could copy and paste the number in the “To:” Field. Type the message and hit the “Send” button. That’s it! The message will then be delivered to your recipient.

Send SMS from Your Google Voice Account

Let’s assume that you’ve already signed up and attained your Google Voice account.

  • You need to open the Google Voice app.
  • Then use your existing Google credentials to log in.
  • Hit the “Text” option and Compose Text message.
  • In the “To:” Field, you will want to type your recipient phone number.
  • In the message box, you will want to type your message.
  • If you have done it, you need to tap “Send” to send the message to your recipient.

Sending SMS to Your Google Contacts Person

The Good thing about Google Contacts is that you can export the contacts list to any device you want, without manually copying these numbers. If you want to send some messages to a person who is already in your Google Contacts, it would be easy.

  • Open your Google Voice app.
  • Then you could log in with your Google credentials.
  • On the left side, you could hit “Google Contact”.
  • Google will then show you the list of the Google Contacts you have in the particular Google Account you use.
  • You could tap the “Text” icon to start composing the text you want to send to your recipient.
  • Type the message in the Message Box.
  • And when you are done, you could proceed by tapping or clicking the “Send” button.
  • The SMS will then be sent to your particular Google contact.

There you have it! Now that you’ve known how to send SMS to your recipient over Google Voice, you can try it out.

How to Make International Calls with Google Voice?

How to Make International Calls with Google Voice?

Can you make an international call with your Google Voice? Basically, YES, you can do it. Google Voice, just like other communication services, allows you to call whoever is in and out of the country.

Google Voice comes with abundant features and perks to enjoy. So, when you are using it, you will see such simplicity and effectiveness in communicating. The good thing about Google Voice is that you can have one number to protect your privacy and identity.

Chances are you might have several communications devices at your place from your work phone, smartphone, home phone, and other phones. You can use the Google Voice number instead, and route the calls to the specific device.

Make International Calls through Google Voice

You can use Google Voice to make international calls just like you usually do on a regular phone. It also has a similar rate to conventional career rates. Since you can access Google Voice through PC, Android, or iOS devices, I will divide the tips into three parts accordingly.

Google Voice International calls through PC or Mac

  • Go to and use your Google Credentials to login.
  • Make sure you have added credits to your balance.
  • Calling within Canada and the US is free. But if you are making an international call, there would be a nominal fee.
  • Add money to your account if you haven’t done it.
  • Then locate the Dial icon and click it.
  • Enter your receipt number.
  • The number must be started with the country code before the actual phone number.
  • If not, it won’t work.
  • Double-check the recipient phone number then click the phone icon to start your call.
  • Google will then activate the Voice message to inform you of the rate per minute of each call.
  • At this point, you could hang up to cancel the call, or accept the rate and continue to make a call.

Google Voice International Call Through Android

The rates can be a bit tricky, depending on your phone data plan. You might need to spend more money on extra fees set by your phone carrier for the international calls.


  • First, you will need to open your Google Voice app.
  • Login using your Google credentials.
  • Then you could tap the Dial icon.
  • Then add the international number you want to call.
  • Enter the country code before the real phone number.
  • Then tap the dial icon.

Just like when using the service on the PC, your phone carrier will inform you about the extra fees that you might need to pay when making these international calls.

  • Tap “Got it” and then proceed with the phone icon.
  • Then again, Google will inform you about the rates of international calls.
  • Once again, you will want to tap “got it”.
  • Then it will prompt to call your recipient.

Google Voice International Calls through iOS Devices

You can use Google Voice on both iPhone and iPad.

  • First, open the Voice app and log in to your account.
  • Then tap the dial icon and put the recipient number.
  • Enter the country code first before the actual phone number.
  • Then you could proceed after hearing the international rate information.

How to Add Money to Google Voice?

How to Add Money to Google Voice?

Google Voice is a free communication app by Google. It allows the users to forward the multiple phone numbers into the unique one. It can help the entrepreneurs to separate their business Google Voice phone numbers and personal ones.

Google Voice is great for many reasons, mostly because it is fortified by Google, the world’s top digital brand. Through Google Voice, you can make a free call, send and receive text messages, make voicemail transcriptions, as well as record the calls from your callers.

Although Google Voice is free in the US, it will charge you if you make calls outside of the US. The international calls will be viable with individual subscriptions. If you already have a Google Voice account, you have to pay Google to make the international calls.

The only international calls that are free are calls from the US to Canada. There are different Google Voice rates for other destinations. But you can rest assured that these rates are more affordable than the rates issued by your regular mobile carriers.

In the end, you will prefer to use Google Voice to make international calls rather than the facility from the commercial mobile careers.

Add the Credits to Your Google Voice Account

Before making the international calls, you will need to add credits to your account. It is easy and straightforward to add the credits to your Google Voice account. You can add a maximum of $70 for each deposit. But you can deposit as many times as you want.

You just need to prepare your account and money.

  • First things first, hover to as the official site of Google Voice.
  • Then you will want to click the Gear icon button at the top right corner of the screen.
  • It is the Settings section.
  • As the Settings section opened, you will choose the Payments option to add credits to your GV account.
  • Proceed by clicking on Add Credit in the new Window.
  • Then you will find the Payment Option to add the credits to your Google Voice account.
  • Proceed by clicking on Add Credit in the new Window.
  • There will be a pop-up message that encourages you to choose the amount of money you will want to add.
  • It can be $10, $25, and $50.
  • You can add a maximum of $70 to the balance.
  • For instance, you could choose Google Pay as the payment method; then, you will be able to complete it with the pay button.
  • That’s it! You will have the credits in your Google Voice balance!

Final Words

The international call rates offered by Google Voice are way cheaper than the rates set by common mobile carriers. If you are not yet convinced, you could take a look at the price range on the Google Voice official page.

If your receivers are on US soil, you can rest assured that the cost will be free. Meanwhile, calling to Canada will also be free. The rates for the rest of the world will be different depending on the region of your recipients.

It might be too low when it comes to the $70 balance limit. But keep in mind that you need to use your credits when you make international calls.