Magicjack vs Google Voice

They are phone system operation like the voicemail and text that works with VoIP, which stands for voice over internet protocol. These are the most specific mobile services (Magicjack vs Google Voice). Magicjack offer services like text, unlimited phone call, conference function, auto-attendant, virtual fax, toll-free numbers.

Which is Best Magicjack vs Google Voice?

About Google Voice

Google voice is a telecommunication tool that has upgraded Google. It has made it possible for all services to be conjoined into one, making it function more efficiently and easy to operate. Services like android apps, email, SMS.

Now, we can get information and connection. It is capable of being used for both personal and business issues. The tool is designed and supported in a web-based application.

Google Voice Features

Mobile App:

The app of this voice can make calls be directed without a manual process. It controls the kind of messages desired by the Google voice subscribers, even giving free service to receive notifications and sent to the number assigned to users by the tool.

Call Management:

Manages calls, all from placing, receiving, answering, blocking., recording calls. It allows listening to the caller’s recorded voice before placing the call and routing calls on another call.

Automated Attendant:

This allows users to do whatever they want when calling. You get to choose options in the menu box and ask for information about the caller. It will attend to users automatically.

Phone Numbers:

A number is given to the service users, which can forward incoming, outgoing calls. A direct call can be made on this tool with the google voice number. You can decide to pick whether to show the google voice phone number of the caller.

Google Voice Pros

  1. You get to use any device because it gives out one number that can be used.
  2. You can forward calls.
  3. It can block the phone number.
  4. It is easily affordable and accessible.

Google Voice Cons

  • It only cons are the numbers of text message that can be sent a day is limited, and it does not give a warning till it has been used up.

About Magicjack

Magicjack Pros

  • It is transportable.
  • Gives unlimited calls and messages.
  • Easy to use. It does not need a professional setup.

Magicjack Cons

  • It is not accessible until it is connected to the internet. No internet, no Magicjack.
  • It has not cost-free.
  • It is an external use tool that must be connected to a device before it can be used.

Comparison of Magicjack vs Google Voice

Google voice has a high percentage of benefit to that of its disadvantage, even than the Magicjack. To make calls using Google voice is not complicated, and it is cost-free. Unlike that of Magicjack that an amount of money has to be paid. Magicjack is one of an alternative to google voice.

It has excellent customer service where they care and teach new or existing users how to go on about the service and even troubleshoot when there is a problem to be fixed. A local phone call can be made through this tool’s use, and it also saves voicemail.