What is a Google Voice Number and how it Works? - A Beginner's Guide

Google Voice is a VOIP virtual telephone service offered by Google to its Google Account users. It means Google offers a U.S. phone number free of cost for PC-to-phone calls within the USA and Canada, as well as PC-to-PC voice and video calling internationally and worldwide.

Definition of Google Voice Number

Google Voice is a VOIP virtual telephone service offered by Google to its Google Account users. It means Google offers a cloud-based U.S. phone number free of cost for PC-to-phone calls within the USA and Canada, as well as PC-to-PC voice and video calling internationally and worldwide. You need a standard quality microphone and speaker with an active internet connection for smooth functioning of calling and messaging.

You can use it for:

  • Text messaging
  • Voice calling
  • Voicemail services
  • Call recording
  • Call forwarding etc.

How does it work?

Google Voice is a telecommunication service for users; it can send/receive text messages and calls and access voicemail. It provides a convenient and flexible way to manage their messages and phone calls worldwide across multiple services and devices then why not create or Buy Google Voice Numbers. Here is how it works:

Step 1: Sign up

Users must sign up for Google Voice with Google Account and choose a number per their needs, like a specific location area code.

Step 2: Number Porting/Forwarding

Users need to forward, port and link their number to Google Voice Account like home phone number, cell number, landline number, office number or mobile number. So, when anyone calls, it will ring and alert the linked number.

Step 3: Voicemail

If the user can’t attend the call for some reason, it will be directed to Google Voice as a voicemail, which will transcribe the original message and forward it to the user via text or email.

Step 4: Call routing

User can easily customize their phone calls based on routed specific criteria such as caller ID or time of day.

Step 5: Text messaging

Users can also receive and send messages using Google Numbers through the Google Voice web portal and mobile app.

Overall, it allows users to use a single phone number for all types of communication anywhere in the world.

Features of Google Voice Number

Google Voice offers a variety of features that allow consumers to manage messages and phone calls, including conference calling, call screening and call blocking.

Understanding Google Voice Number’s Features

Knowing the feature requires understanding its settings and functions to correctly use Google Voice number. Below are a few tips for understanding and using Google Voice features:

Investigate the settings

Google Voice allows users to customize and adjust the settings as per their requirements. It is good to take the time and explore these settings for better understanding.

Use call screening

If you want to listen to the caller’s name before attending or rejecting the call, this feature can help you prioritize important calls and avoid unwanted ones.

Set up custom voicemail greetings

This feature can identify a group of callers and important callers like family or business contacts. You can easily record, send and save multiple greetings for different scenarios.

Take advantage of call forwarding

The call forwarding feature is best for travelling or if someone has multiple phones. It allows users to take advantage of and receive calls from any phone.

Manage spam filtering

In settings, you can see another great feature of Google Voice, i.e. spam filtering. If you want to block unwanted calls, this feature is for you.

There are many more features Google Voice have. Its features allow users to save time, stay organized, and communicate effectively with their contacts.

Key Features of Google Voice Number

Here are some of the key features:

  • Free phone number
  • Call forwarding
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Custom voicemail greetings
  • Block unwanted callers
  • Spam filtering
  • International calling
  • Text messaging
  • Call screening
  • Integration with other Google services

Benefits of Using Google Voice Number

Here are some benefits of using Google Voice number:

  • One number can be used for multiple devices
  • Personal and business use
  • Privacy protection
  • Easily manage your calls and messages
  • Cost-effective

How to Get a Google Voice Number?

Here are the steps to get a Google Voice Number:

Step 1: Visit the Google Voice website, sign up or sign in with your Google Account.

Step 2: Choose your favourite number with any city, zip or area code.

Step 3: Verify your existing phone number.

Step 4: Link your devices.

That’s it. You have a free Google Voice US number.

Google Voice Number for Business Use

If you have a small business or solopreneur, using Google Voice can give you a more professional image. You can separate personal and business contacts, meaning you will not share your number with friends and family because you are using Google Voice for business purposes.

Depending on availability, you can set up your business hours and route calls to different phones. It is a perfect cost-effective, and flexible solution for all small business owners and solopreneurs who want to use Google numbers for their business.

Google Voice Number for Personal Use

Google Voice is the best option for privacy protection and to keep your family numbers separate. With the help of a VOIP number, you can keep your contacts separate from your business or work contacts. You can use One number for multiple devices for different purposes.

It is a useful tool for managing personal communications and privacy protection and uses one number on many devices.

Google Voice Number vs Other Virtual Phone Services

Here are some differences between virtual phone service and Google Voice:

  1. It is completely free to receive voicemail messages, send texts and make phone calls.
  2. Users can integrate with many other Google services, like Google Calendar, Gmail etc., for all types of communication from a single web portal.
  3. You can use it for Voicemail transcription and incoming screen calls.

And many more!

Frequently Asked Questions about Google Voice Number

What is the difference between Google Voice Number and Google Fi?

Google provides both services. But the main difference is Google Voice is a free service for making calls and text messages, and on the other hand, Google Fi is a paid cellular service that offers text, voice, and data coverage.

Can I port my existing number to Google Voice Number?

Yes, you can port your existing phone number to a Google Voice, but it will require a one-time fee of $20. It also requires your account information and your current phone service provider.

Is Google Voice Number free?

Yes, Google Voice number is a free service provided by Google.

How does Google Voice Number work with texting and voicemail?

Like your average mobile phone number, Google Voice receives calls and messages in the Google Voice app or website when someone tries to contact you.

Can I use Google Voice Number internationally?

You can use Google Voice for international calls, but with some limitations. Google Voice will charge you a per-minute rate depending on the country you are calling.

Is Google Voice Number secure?

Generally, it is a secure service, but using a strong password and enabling 2FA (two-factor authentication) is also recommended for more security and protection against hackers.