Why do people buy Google Voice numbers?

Google Voice is a trendy service that provides many communication features. It allows users to receive voicemail messages, make calls, and send texts through a (VOIP) virtual phone number, which can be linked to any existing phone number.

There are specific reasons why people choose to buy Google Voice numbers. By providing a VOIP phone number with various features, Google Voice has become the best communication solution for business and personal use.

Benefits of Google Voice numbers

Suppose you are looking for a VoIP number. In that case, Google Voice is the best telecommunications service provided by Google that allows users to voicemail messages, send and receive text messages, and also make and receive phone calls. Users can select a single Google Voice number to use instead of their phone number, which can provide several benefits, including:

Here are some of the top benefits of using Google Voice numbers:

Cost savings:

Google Voice offers free-of-cost calling and messaging within the United States and Canada and low rates for international calls. This can save you money on telephone bills, especially if you often make international calls.


You can keep your personal phone number private with a Google Voice number. You can use the Google Voice number for public-facing and business purposes while keeping your phone number just for family and close friends.


Google Voice makes managing messages and phone calls from multiple devices easy. You can use the Google Voice app on a tablet, smartphone, or computer to make and receive messages and calls.


Google Voice web portal has various customization options, including call forwarding, call screening, and voicemail greetings. Users can also forward Google Voice calls and messages to multiple devices.


Google Voice, a virtual phone number, also offers integration with other Google services, for example, Google Calendar and Gmail Email, so users can manage all communication channels like call forwarding, voicemail, texting, and spam filtering in one place.

Users can also use Google Voice with other services and third-party apps like Zapier and Slack to automate workflows and improve productivity.

Personal Use of Google Voice Numbers

Like private phone numbers, Google Voice numbers can be used for personal communication. Here are some ways in which you can use it for personal use:

  1. Separate personal and business communication
  2. Avoid sharing family communication personal number
  3. Phone number porting for International communication
  4. Private Call Screening and Voicemail Transcription
  5. Secondary phone number

And More!

Business Use of Google Voice Numbers

Google Voice is a popular tool for entrepreneurs and small businesses by providing several attributes that can help business owners stay connected and manage their communication with customers. Here are some of the benefits of using Google Voice for business:

  1. Professional Image for customer service
  2. Call Routing
  3. Custom Greetings
  4. Call Recording
  5. Cost Savings
  6. Virtual office phone (Team communication)
  7. Toll-free number

And so on!

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How to Buy Google Voice Numbers?

To buy a Google Voice number, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Visit HIGHQUALITYPVAS Service Page.
  • You will see two Packages:
  • Buy New Google Voice Numbers
  • Buy Aged Google Voice Numbers
  • Pick any package from subscription plans based on your requirements and click on add to cart button.
  • Fill out the cart page’s required information.
  • From Payment Methods, choose your favorite one and place your order.

That’s it.

Pros and Cons of Buying Google Voice Numbers


  • Privacy and Security
  • Various customization options
  • Convenience: Easy to manage communication
  • Cost-effective: Low rates for worldwide calls
  • Integration


  • Potential limitations
  • Reliance on internet connectivity
  • Limited customer support

Alternatives to Buying Google Voice Numbers

Here are some of the alternatives to Google Voice:

  • Grasshopper
  • RingCentral
  • Line2
  • Sideline
  • Zoom Phone

Each of above mentioned other VoIP services, landline phones, and messaging apps has its cell phone plans or pricing and features, so you should evaluate your needs and budget before choosing one.


Whether using Google Voice or an alternative service, an efficient and reliable online communication system can facilitate users to stay connected and productive in today’s fast-paced world.