How to Fix Hotmail Not Receiving Emails?

Most of the users of Hotmail have been facing some problems in recent times. There are many reasons, and some are yet not fully aware of the reason that Microsoft has taken over Hotmail some years past. Some of those who know are now facing the issue of not receiving emails problem and syncing their Hotmail with Outlook.

Here we are going to answer your question How to Fix Hotmail Not Receiving Emails?

The Reasons Why Hotmail is Not Receiving Emails

There are many reasons why clients of Hotmail are not receiving their Emails on their Hotmail accounts. Users are nervous as there might be some significant work mail they can receive.

There are various reasons why users may face this problem. Some of them are mentioned in the points below:

  • There must be junk mail causing the problem.
  • Users will have a problem with the internet connection that allows them to receive Mail.
  • Sometimes, a wrong email address is entered in the sender tab, which may fail to block the mail route.
  • There is a possibility that other users may block the user’s account.
  • Another reason could be that email forwarding is enabled on the Hotmail account.
  • Users may have blocked the sender’s account, due to which users are not receiving the emails.

How to Fix Hotmail Not Receiving Emails?

Here we are sharing with you some basic solutions by which you’ll be capable of fixing this issue very easily.

Clean Your Email Inbox

Check that your spam folder is not full. You should delete unwanted emails. After clearing unwanted e-mails, you can easily restore emails using Hotmail.

If your Inbox doesn’t have enough storage space, your account won’t receive new emails. In this case, freeing up space to receive the new incoming emails may be necessary.

To do this, clean up your inbox folder, click on the “Email Options” option and select the “Delete All” option. You can also delete unwanted emails from your Inbox. This way, you can free up enough space in your account for future emails.

Check Your Email Junk Folder

Sometimes you get an email in your junk folder instead of your Inbox, and you need to go to to check it. Log into your Hotmail account with your username and password. Click on the junk email option.

If there is an email, please check your junk folder and mark the email as spam by clicking on it. It will move important emails from the junk email folder to your Inbox.

Check Your Email Forwarding Option

A problem that customers often face. This is a Hotmail user; add a forward email and forget it. If you encounter this in email forwarding settings, you will unable to receive emails in your hotmail accounts.

  • To fix this problem, you need to go to Hotmail settings.
  • Click the forward option and see you are not forwarding emails to other email accounts.
  • You must remove the forwarded e-mail address and click on the save button.

So, the next time you wonder, “Why isn’t my Hotmail receiving email?” letters to any other Hotmail email? Then you need to follow the above steps.

Try Checking Your Email Rules

Along with these rules, you can create instructions that tell you how to handle email messages. If you’ve created a rule that prevents you from sending or receiving email, check the email rules and then you can delete it.

You may encounter a Hotmail error that prevents you from accessing your hotmail email accounts. You need to click on the gear icon and see all Outlook settings to do this. Go to Mail and choose the Rules section.

If your email account has Hotmail policies that only prevent you from receiving emails. Click on the edit, edit the rules or remove them. After making the necessary changes, don’t forget to save. You will likely start receiving emails.

Check Email Sort Settings

You are likely to receive an email, but in those e-mails, the messages are not visible to you because the most recent ones are not at the top.

You need to sort them as New Emails on Top. You should see your new emails in your hotmail account Inbox, and your email problem will be solved.

Check Your Email in Other Folders and Tabs

If you have a destination inbox, split it into two tabs. Similarly, focusing on others can focus on the messages that matter most to you. Therefore, if you have a destination mailbox, the emails you are looking for may be in another folder or tab.

If you have an email in the second tab, you can right-click and select “Focus Inbox. This way, Focus Inbox learns which messages to focus on every time we change tabs.

Log in to Hotmail from Other Browser

Try logging in to email using a different browser. (eg. If you use Google Chrome, you can switch to Firefox).

Make Sure Your Antivirus is Not Blocking the Emails

Your antivirus may block your access to Hotmail email or stop updating your email inbox. To fix this, try opening this site after the antivirus has blocked it for some time.

If you can access Hotmail through Chrome after disabling the antivirus. The only permanent solution to this problem is to allow in antivirus protection.

Check the Status of Your Email Server

Sometimes users cannot receive emails because the server has completely crashed. This happens when there is a lot of web traffic, or some updates are running late that need to be stopped completely.

You need to contact Hotmail support for service status to solve this issue.

Avoid Spam Traps

Spam traps are email addresses used by ISPs, anti-spam organizations, and blacklist providers as a fraud control tool to identify spammers. Hackers or companies often create these email accounts.

Ensure your list is clean, and be careful when sending messages to inactive mailboxes. It is often easy to eliminate a spam trap after it has been created.

One way to avoid spam traps is to take care of the source. In Inbox, we recommend that you use double verification during the registration process.

This process involves your subscribers signing up via a signup form and receiving an email with a confirmation link to confirm that they have subscribed to your list. That way, you know everyone who joins your list is a real person.

To check for spam traps, use the Microsoft SNDS portal, which provides information on IP addresses. This portal provides the information you need to understand and improve your reputation on

Here you will find detailed information for a specific IP address, such as the number of emails sent, the percentage of complaints, and the number of spam traps. At Inbox, we check this for all of our customers.

If the Hotmail is Still Not Receiving Emails, then:

If all the solutions mentioned above don’t solve the problem, you need to follow these quick steps:

  • Clean up your web browser (This means deleting history, deleting all cookies, and cache data).
  • You can also try updating your browser plugins.
  • You can also try updating the web browser you are using.
  • Check Windows Firewall Settings.
  • Try with Incognito Tab on Browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Hotmail not receiving emails on Windows Outlook Mail App?

Sometimes when users use another webmail to send or receive emails, a synchronization problem starts without notice. Often, they do not receive email from other webmail applications, such as Windows Mail and Outlook. Users will find the problem and try to solve it. The main reasons for this are presented below:

– Windows Mail and Outlook may not match what users are looking for
– Users must enable Mail and Calendar applications through Windows Firewall
– Users need to troubleshoot email client synchronization

Why is my Hotmail not receiving emails from Gmail, Yahoo and AOL?

There are several reasons Hotmail does not receive emails from Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and other email providers. Some of them are mentioned below:

– There is a reason why you receive spam in your email Email Filter Account.
– Due to a large number of emails, the email web browser cannot fully load the email.
– Emails must be forwarded or redirected to another account.
– There may be problems with network security or internet connection.

How do I fix Outlook not receiving email on Android?

If users want to know how to fix emails that do not get problems with Outlook installed on their Android devices, several ways can be followed and are mentioned below:

– Users must force the app to close and reopen on their Android device.
– Check your internet connection.
– Clear the cache files to fix Outlook for your Android phone.
– Users can reset the account created to manage webmail.

How do I fix Hotmail not receiving email on iPhone?

If Hotmail detects the problem of not receiving email on iPhone, users will look for possible solutions to the problem. There are several troubleshooting methods that Hotmail offers to its users, and they are as follows:

– Reset your Hotmail account on your iPhone and follow Hotmail management on iPhone reset steps.
– Reconfigure your Hotmail account on iPhone: Users facing Hotmail challenges on their iPhones can perform a reconfiguration step.
– Check new email settings: Users who may be experiencing a problem with the dataset need to do all they need to do is check and import the new dataset into the Hotmail app on their iPhones.

How do I fix Hotmail not receiving emails from Certain Domains?

If Hotmail doesn’t accept emails from other domains, there may be several reasons. Now users want to know about the troubleshooting method to solve the problem. The steps are as follows:

– Fix the web browser: Users should repair the commonly used web browser. Change your browser.
– Delete browsing data and cookies: A user’s browsing history may also indicate issues that users should delete from their history or if they have unused data in excess.
– Try checking your Spam Email Folder: There are several issues, one of which may be spam on the user’s webmail folder. It is up to the user to look at it and fix the problem accordingly.