How to Create Google Voice Number in USA?

How to Create Google Voice Number in USA?

Google Voice is one of the most popular communication tools for entrepreneurs and individuals because of the right reason.

It is free of cost phone service to give you a specific phone number that you can forward to your landline or cell phone.

The practice will help you to distinguish the professional and personal calls.

How to Create Google Voice Number in USA?

Getting a Google Voice number will be the one-time thing to do since it is what you will use to interact with your customers or recipients.

To get an official Google Voice number, you need to register, pick the number, set it up for your device. That’s all! Without further ado, let’s take a look at these steps.

Step 1

If you don’t have a Google account yet, you need to register for an account. This will grant you all of the fantastic products of Google.

It does not cost you a single dime to sign up for the account. Follow the steps given by the provider, and you will be fine.

Fill in the form with accurate information. You may need to choose your email address and verify your account with your real phone number.

If you are using Google Voice for business or professional purposes, make sure to create the best to represent your business.

Once you’ve finished, you need to log in with your freshly made Google account credentials.

Step 2

  • Type Google Voice in your Chrome, and click the official link.
  • You will be required to enter a three-digit area code.
  • If you activate the location on your device, it will automatically use your location.
  • Grant the permission when you use this app.
  • If you don’t activate the location, you could provide Google with your area’s right code.
  • Some of the codes might not be there.
  • If that’s the case, you could use the codes from the cities nearby your location.

Step 3

  • This is where you will want to pick your specific Google Voice phone number.
  • Google will display a series of local numbers that you can choose.
  • Take your time and don’t rush since you will use these phone numbers for a long time in the future.
  • Choose the one that catches your consideration the most.
  • If you think that the particular number is appropriate for your business, you could proceed.
  • The business phone number should be the best to represent your business.

Step 4

  • Link GV to your existing phone number.
  • Keep in mind that the GV numbers that you attained will work as the forwarders.
  • So, you need to enter your existing phone number to complete the number retrieval.
  • The phone number must be based in the US.
  • There will be a verification step to conduct to finalize the process.

Step 5

  • After the verification process is done, you can use Google Voice immediately.
  • You can get the app for your iOS or Android devices.
  • Choose the app, download, and install.
  • Enter your Google credentials to log in.
  • Then you could use the Google Voice phone numbers and share them with your customers, business partners, and clients. (How to Create Google Voice Number in USA?)