How to Recall an Email in Hotmail?

How to Recall an Email in Hotmail?

How to Recall an Email in Hotmail: To send an email in Hotmail is like sending a top-notch letter to the post office. You can resend messages sent by mistake in Hotmail. All you have to do is to go to the message and resend it to the right recipients.

One of the features that make up a Hotmail is the recall message feature. This allows users to be able to redo any mistake made on sent messages. To recall the email in Hotmail., some settings and corrections are made.

The email message sent in Hotmail can be recalled within a few seconds. Anything after that will automatically send the message. Below are steps on how to recall an email in Hotmail:

  • Start your Hotmail application that is installed.
  • Look for the sent items folder. This folder will contain your email messages that were sent.
  • Choose the exact message which you sent wrong that needs redoing.
  • Continue from the menu bar and click the actions option, then you choose to recall this message button.
  • Allow the delete unread copy and replace it with a new message button. This will change the message to a new one.
  • You can also activate the delete unread copy of the message to recall the message. It depends on the version of the Hotmail application.
  • You get a notification if the recall message process is successfully done by going to “tell me if recall succeeds or does not succeed,” then you click the OK button. If you replace the option, you rewrite and resend the message.

How to Recall an Email in Hotmail?

Message sent can also be stopped by clicking the “undo send” option. Go to setting, a lab option, going down the page, there is an undo send a message, open and save the correction. When you send, it pops up and notifies you to undo or cancel the message.

Sometimes, to recall a message might seem impossible due to the following issues;

  • Maybe when the person you are trying to send to is not a registered Hotmail email user.
  • If the recipient is not active on a the-mail service provider, to recall a message will not work.
  • Cached exchange mode and offline connection can also be one of the issues
  • If the real message is not on the inbox tools.
  • When a message is opened and read. This can happen when you are using the read plane to check.

We are not perfect, and thereby several mistakes can be made even to the Hotmail email users. When an email message is sent to the wrong address, it can be corrected.

Recalling is not always productive because we can’t call it the permanent solution to correct wrong messages, but it a sign of hope. A situation can occur where recall will not function.

Therefore, there is a need to recheck the situation not to make a mistake while using the recall option. The “recall this message feature” works well, and it helps a lot.

We should try to send email messages cautiously and carefully, and be sure of the process you want to send.