How to Text from Google Voice?

How to Text from Google Voice?

Is it possible to send SMS from your Google Voice account? You have probably asked this sort of question. And the answer is YES! You can do it for free!

Google Voice is a free communication service from Google that centralizes the user’s means of communications in a single faucet for those who haven’t known.

How to Text from Google Voice?

Through Google Voice, you can send a free text message to the other one as long as you know their Google Voice Number.

Your receiver will not pay anything for the message that they receive from Google Voice number.

If you are going to send SMS to someone from your Google contact list, you can also rest assured that it will be free as well.

As a Google Voice Account user, you won’t be charged for sending a text to US and Canadian numbers.

If you are sending a text to other countries, you might be charged for roaming.

Sending SMS to Google Voice Number (from your smartphone or tablet)

Sending SMS to Google Voice number is straightforward as you usually do in sending the text to another number.

If you already know your recipient’s Google Voice number, you could copy and paste the number in the “To:” Field.

Type the message and hit the “Send” button. That’s it! The message will then be delivered to your recipient.

Send SMS from Your Google Voice Account

Let’s assume that you’ve already signed up and attained your Google Voice account.

  • You need to open the Google Voice app.
  • Then use your existing Google credentials to log in.
  • Hit the “Text” option and Compose Text message.
  • In the “To:” Field, you will want to type your recipient phone number.
  • In the message box, you will want to type your message.
  • If you have done it, you need to tap “Send” to send the message to your recipient.

Sending SMS to Your Google Contacts Person

The Good thing about Google Contacts is that you can export the contacts list to any device you want, without manually copying these numbers.

If you want to send some messages to a person who is already in your Google Contacts, it would be easy.

  • Open your Google Voice app.
  • Then you could log in with your Google credentials.
  • On the left side, you could hit “Google Contact”.
  • Google will then show you the list of the Google Contacts you have in the particular Google Account you use.
  • You could tap the “Text” icon to start composing the text you want to send to your recipient.
  • Type the message in the Message Box.
  • And when you are done, you could proceed by tapping or clicking the “Send” button.
  • The SMS will then be sent to your particular Google contact.

There you have it! Now that you’ve known how to send SMS to your recipient over Google Voice, you can try it out.

Please let us know how fun it is in the comment section below.