If you’ve been wondering whether you can use more than one Google Voice number, you can. Yes, you can! Taking as many New Google Voice (Random Locations) numbers as you want is perfectly fine.

New Google Voice (Random Locations) accounts are generally limited to one phone number per account. No problem! Our professionals will create multiple New Google Voice (Random Locations) numbers from different IP addresses for you.

Google Voice can be paired with your secondary number or another number. You can quickly expand your business with the purchase of a New Google Voice (Random Location) phone number. Congratulations!

An Overview

Google is the only company that offers Voice Over Internet Protocol software. You can use this software to make and receive calls from any device provided that it has an Internet connection. It is unnecessary to use your real phone number to contact your customer.

Though New Google Voice (Random Locations) offers paid options, it is a free service. No matter why you use it, Google Voice is a top-notch communication option in this millennial age.

Small businesses with low capital can benefit from this option. A local number is available for free. You can make and receive calls, voicemails, and SMS using the verified New Google Voice Accounts, Random Locations or GEO Located Google Voice Numbers.