Google Voice provides a phone number for texts, calls, and voicemails. This number can be accessed domestically and internationally using your web browser or mobile device. The number you use will depend on where you are in the US.

Additionally to calling, texting, and leaving voicemails using Google Voice Accounts, you can also:

  • Transcripts of your voicemails can be read in your inbox and searched like email messages.
  • Make your voicemails more personalized.
  • Call internationally for less.
  • Protect yourself from spam calls and messages.
  • Remove unwanted callers from your contact list.
  • Before answering the phone, screen each call.

All your voicemails, texts, and calls are saved and processed by Google Voice.

The Old GEO Located Google Voice Accounts are premade accounts that you will receive once you have ordered the Old Your Choice Locations Google Voice Accounts package. They have already been set up and verified previously.

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It takes longer for Google Voice numbers to register. Due to our fully verified Google voice numbers, you can save valuable time and effort. We sell high quality Google voice PVA accounts, created using different and unique IP addresses and all of these accounts have been authenticated by phone.

Our GEO Located accounts are summarized here in a few words.

  1. We can deliver our products quickly to our customers.
  2. Each account is created using advanced technology, with different IP addresses.
  3. Detailed information with instructions will be provided.