Ooma vs Google Voice

Both (Ooma vs Google Voice) are web-based telephone innovations. Google Voice is a virtual phone number, while Ooma is a voice-over-internet-based–protocol (VoIP) arrangement. Both have helpful Business analytics, for example, SMS information and voice message alternatives.

Notwithstanding, Ooma has four progressively intense help levels. Conversely, Google Voice without a single free plan is a real help with limitations but valuable highlights. There are many Google Voice Alternatives and Ooma is one of them.

Google Voice

Best for solopreneurs and private companies on a tight budget plan that requires an expert administration.


Free arrangement:

Start utilizing your accessible business area code telephone number quickly in the wake of enrolling for business communication.


For individuals who know the G-Suite, at that information point, Google Voice’s (UI) infrastructure will look natural as well.

Video conferencing:

Host free virtual web chat meeting call and personal meetings with anyone utilizing Google Voice mobile application.


Lacking in support:

There is no proper Uptime and Customer support administration for Grandcentral, which can be awkward if there’s a technical issue.

Toll numbers:

As of this composition, Google doesn’t give you the alternative to buy toll numbers.


In contrast with Ooma, there isn’t much to Google Voice past the essentials.


Best for developing Web Design & medium-sized independent companies with the requirement for further knowledge developed customer perks. For example, a virtual marketing Service Level Agreement and progressed call logging advantages.


Free arrangement:

Pay nothing to begin utilizing Ooma’s for great price business marketing.


Live chat CMS is accessible day in and day out, and voicemail telephone routing upholds typical business price hours for customer service accessible seven days per week.


Ooma is continually delivering bit new moves up to its product marketing to improve the experience and usability.


Desktop application:

You must pay the price to the most extraordinary help level to utilize the desktop application hardware.


Users gripe that advertiser applications can be glitchy and inclined to impact Advertisement. However, continuous updates could be a contributing the price element.

Spam calls:

A high number of consumers complain about spam calls through Ooma Software numbers.

Ooma vs Google Voice: Which one is Better for Small Businesses?

Google Voice and Ooma are equivalent VoIP administrations solely. Yet their disparities transform one from a proper analog telephone adapter administration to a Dialpad superior one. Ooma and Google Voice both have the following:

SMS messaging:

Through the mobile application IOS and Android apps or Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome web browsers adaptation of Ooma and Google Voice, you can send and get SMS instant messages.

Free programming experience:

For the frugal authentication, there is a free of cost choice for the two administrations, so you can begin utilizing it without spending a dime, like Google’s email address.

Included phone number:

You are given one free local phone number with GrandCentral and Ooma at the hour of enrollment.

Call Quality

Ooma and Google Voice have pros and cons when it comes to calling quality Accounting. Ooma is known for its advanced voice compression, noise reduction technology, and HD voice quality. At the same time, Google Voice is a more affordable and convenient option for user experience, looking for an internet-based phone service. Ultimately, the better service depends on your specific needs and preferences in the U.S., UK, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and other locations.

Calling Rates

Both Ooma and Google Voice have different voice calling rates. Ooma is a pay-as-you-go service, while Google Voice is a free service with the cost of calls based on the user’s internet service provider’s data charges like Nextiva. However, Google Voice also offers a premier package that includes low-cost international calling and text messaging.


Ooma and Google Voice apps allow users to make and receive calls and send and receive text messages on the go, but the Google Voice app offers more ease of use features such as call screening and call recording that could be useful for some users. On the other hand, the Ooma app has a built-in call blocker feature.


Ooma and Google Voice can be used for residential phone service, but they have different features and customer use cases. Ooma is designed to provide a traditional phone service experience, while Google Voice is mainly used as a virtual phone number.

Premier Packages

Ooma and Google Voice premier packages offer additional features and benefits compared to the primary service. Ooma Premier package includes more call management features such as call blocking and advanced call forwarding rules. On the other hand, Google Voice with Google Workspace package has more collaboration features, such as integration with Google Workspace and low-cost international calling.

Pricing Plans

Google Voice


FREEMonitor Plan = FREE
Starter = $10 USD, /user/monthSecure Plan = $5.99/mo
Standard = $20 USD, /user/monthPro Secure Plan = $14.99/month
Premier = $30 USD, /user/month


At last, we have picked Ooma as the best Credit for the unrivaled voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) administration. In addition, it has a credit free version for individual securities that aren’t prepared to buy into a paid Credit history arrangement.

However, it has other overhauled levels to scale Entrepreneur performance over the long haul. At last, Ooma’s quality Customer care helps keep your business running, paying little mind to the hour of day or night.