SMS App that Works with Google Voice

If you are thinking about the other SMS App that Works with Google Voice, you don’t need to waste your time since I already have the answer. Google Voice only provides their exclusive SMS App, not accepting any other Third-party app for SMS.

The Google users who have registered to Google Voice will have exclusive access to all of the Google Voice features, including the in-house SMS app. So, there aren’t any other SMS apps out there which allow you to use your Google Voice number.

SMS App that Works with Google Voice

The Google Voice SMS App might look bland and straightforward. But it indeed does the job well in sending the texts. The key here is to work your Google Voice account and link it to your phone.

After that, you can send the message right from your Google Voice account.

Sending and Receiving SMS with Google Voice Account

Keep in mind that you cannot use it for MMS when it comes to the Google Voice SMS feature. Google does not provide multimedia messaging with its Google Voice product.

If you still send a message in MMS, Google Voice will ignore it and send the text to your recipients instead. While Google Voice provides you with the free SMS service, you can use your smartphone’s native messaging app to send the MMS.

It is much better to combine Google Voice with your phone’s native apps since you still attain the free of cost benefits. Don’t worry if you will share pictures or videos; there are still many other alternatives from GDrive to YouTube. And all of them are still products of Google.

Using Google Voice SMS App on iOS Devices

First things first, make sure that your phone is connected to the phone plan. Google Voice is not like WhatsApp that uses the internet. It will use your phone’s connectivity instead. So, if you don’t turn your 3G or 4G on, it won’t work.

You can buy google voice account and use Google Voice on various devices, including your iPhone, iPod, and iTouch. The guide is simple and easy. You need to open your app, open the Messages tab, and then tap Compose and send to your recipient. That’s it.

Keep in mind that it will only work on the updated devices. If you have older devices, bear with the risks.

Using Google Voice SMS App on Android Devices

With the Google Voice app on your Android devices, you can send and receive SMS messages just like you do in your smartphone’s native app. You can use the Google Voice app as the primary facet of your SMS as well. But there’s a catch here. When receiving the SMS messages, it does not tell you that the message is received.

It is just there. Without such notification, you will want to regularly check your inbox to see if there is any message coming in or not. You could use another app like Glowfly to help you generate the notifications windows. But it will cost you more.

I only saw this problem in Kitkat OS. If you are using a newer OS, it shouldn’t be a problem.