How to Leave an Anonymous Review on Google?

How to Leave an Anonymous Review on Google?

For some reasons, some people might need to leave an anonymous review on Google.

If you put yourself in a customer’s shoes, you might feel safe because you can leave a review without the counterpart knowing your name.

How to Leave an Anonymous Review on Google?

Some individuals also want to protect their identity from having the freedom to express their feelings without being afraid.

However, if we are talking about Google reviews in the Google My Business platform, it is no longer working.

Google has changed the rules, and it no longer allows users to post anonymous reviews.

If you have been familiar with “A Google User” across the Google My Business platform, you can say goodbye to that feature.

There is no way to hide your real name when writing the reviews for particular businesses in the Google My Business platform.

The removal of the anonymity feature is, of course, the result of the tough evaluations done by the Google Professionals team.

Ones will not be able to hide their names. But the good thing here is that all will know that the authentic reviews are coming from the authentic people, which is pretty helpful for both the customers and businesses themselves.

Google My Business reviews feature there for anyone to use.

The positive reviews can increase the sales of the business. Meanwhile, the businesses can also make contact with the customers through their Google My Business page.

In short, there is no way to leave anonymous reviews in particular businesses.

But if your reasoning is to hide your true identity, there is a way to work around this challenge.

It is possible to hide your name using the other Google user.

If you are currently signing in with your Google account, you could sign out.

If you are using Chrome, prefer to open the new page in incognito mode. Then use the Google Service.

Create an account using your Gmail alternative, or buying gmail accounts. You can also make a burner email if you are not planning to use it again in the future.

Then when creating the account, you could use another name or your alias. You can use any user you want.

Then verify the email, you are ready to go.

How to Leave an Anonymous Review on Google?

Let’s assume that your attempt was successful. Then, with your “anonymous” account, you can post anonymous Google reviews.

The Google review will show your “other name” or “alias”. With this method, you can post an anonymous review on Google without revealing your true identity.

With your new account, you can post as many reviews as you need while you can keep your real identity private.

The key here is not to use your primary account to write particular reviews.

If you worry that Google will trace back to your real IP, you could use VPN service to hide it.

Connect to the other server in the same country, or another country to mask your current IP. But if you are using VPN, make sure you use it whenever you use Anonymous user.

Protect your identity with the VPN. Turn on your VPN service before the signup process.