How to Post Digital Art on Instagram?

Before uploading your digital art on Instagram, you need to have some knowledge about “How to Post Digital Art on Instagram“. And ensure that your substance is in its best shape. To make it simple for you, we’ve made a plan.

Examine it and check whether you’ve done all these essential checks. This cycle may take you some additional time, yet the outcome is justified, despite any trouble.

How to Post Digital Art on Instagram without Losing Quality?

1. Instagram Resolution and Ratio

As a digital artist, you need to introduce your work to the highest caliber. Your work can be anything from 2D or 3D computer graphics to photograph the painting, information moshing, and even pixel arts (as entertaining as it appears)!

Additionally, you might need to transfer a photograph or a video that shows how to make that piece. Regardless, you need to ensure you share the advanced expressions in the loftiest goal.

At long last, since your bit of art is prepared, it’s an ideal opportunity to post it. As should be obvious, resizing and editing the photographs appropriately. Also, changing different settings are substantially happier with utilizing the work area.

Provided your content is ready, you should perceive how to post your digital art on Instagram in an ideal manner.

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2. Use AiSchedul

Writing eye-catching content is a specific something; posting it right is something else. AiSchedul is one of the best Instagram tools to use. This powerful Instagram manager offers a broad scope of highlights.


As the name implies, the main highlight of AiSchedul is scheduling feed posts and stories. One of the primary things that you need as a fruitful digital artist is consistency. You need to show your work to people routinely.

With AiSchedul, you don’t need to be stressed over it by any means. This scheduler can help you arrange your posts for quite a long time and even a long time ahead.

By consistently presenting your artworks to the people at the correct occasions, you increment the possibility of getting the higher commitment that can likewise prompt being seen on Instagram on a more extensive scale.

3. Step by step instructions to work with AiSchedul

To utilize this valuable tool, and perceive how to post digital art to Instagram:

  • sign in for AiSchedul
  • then add your buy pva instagram accounts
  • select the “manage Account”
  • Then, you can pick “SCHEDULER” and post your content on the feed or story.

As should be obvious, it’s too simple to put your content utilizing this smart tool. If you didn’t as of now resize your artwork, we recommend you do that. The application consequently accommodates your picture to the platform upheld dimensions.

At that point, compose a murdering content, clarifying all the fundamental notes about your artworks. If you sell arts on Instagram, ensure you add a cost, and on the off chance that you have a site or an Etsy Shop connected to Instagram. Ensure you mention it in the subtitle and link your post to your shop.

Instagram is the best web-based media for the artist to feature their work to the world. Realizing how to upload your digital arts to Instagram is one of the central issues to be a victor.

Make your job simpler and get popular quick on this platform by utilizing tools such as AiSchedul.